yes um hello my name is ally and the owl city guy is cool even though he like never wears pants

Missing someone is like a bad dream you can’t wake yourself up from.

Missing someone is like a bad dream you can’t wake yourself up from.

Where Do We Go From Here?


I have a thing about bug zappers because they forever changed the sound of sweet summer evenings filled with frog choruses and cricket refrains to sudden insect electric death. Ironically "glockenspiel" is way more fun to say than to play.

And it was all… just a dream…

She was trying to teach me how to dance and it was really awkward but I didn’t care because she was beautiful and exquisite and endearing and I was so in love with her, I didn’t care about being embarrassed. The walls were painted pitch black, the lights were low and there wasn’t any music playing but there were throngs of people everywhere and a man with a beard kept asking me a lot of questions. He reminded me of Gandalf the Grey and I smiled inwardly because I’m a dork. I sang and played my heart out that night and I just couldn’t contain the sparkling cocktail of wide smiles and bright eyes that poured out of me because things felt so right and pure in that definitive moment.

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Anonymous: Happy birthday!! :)

Thanks!! Have an awesome day! Xx (:

Anonymous: happy birthday little hootowl :D Hope you had a great day!!

Thank you very much!! Hope your day was awesome too! (:



hootowlsome, I love you so much like you don’t even understand. You are such a great friend and you mean so much to me. Even though we’ve never met, it feels like we have because you’re basically like an actual real life friend. I can’t believe we’ve been friends for almost 2 years now!…

OH MY GOSH EMILY YOU ARE THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEING IN ALL THE UNIVERSE!!! I love the GA and OC references. I love you so much ahhh (: you are !!! :D

dearvienna13: It's your Birthday?!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL! :D

Yes! I’m turning 14 on 4-14-14 (;


Anonymous: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *gives you an adam young*

THANK YOU SO MUCH i will cherish this adam young 5ever 

Anonymous: Why do you wear so much dark eyeliner?

I don’t know. Just because it’s my style. I like it c:

I’m scared to death that I’ll never be afraid.

I’m scared to death that I’ll never be afraid.

Why are pants

Owl City Spotify Sundays


Owl City’s Spotify Sundays are returning this weekend! Make sure you’re following the Owl City Spotify Sunday playlist, as each Sunday I’ll add a few songs that I’m digging, both old + new! 

Anonymous: wait now im confused is it 'part of my life' or this fight for my life' etc, cause i've heard it both ways and idk

Hmmm I think it’s “this part” but I could be wrong. Idk man #owlcityprobs

So hard.

So hard.