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Wipe the mark of sadness from my face…

You’re Not Alone album art


This is great and so unexpected that I randomly found it but i do believe it has already been played on radio stations but i’m willing to take it down if anyone has a problem especially if Adam does. But yeah this is a great song!!!!!!!!!

but the real question is….


The Owl City touring band 2011.

Anonymous: Is that Adam's remix of West Coast Friendship?

hi anon! hope you’re doing lovely!

i’m not quite sure, but i don’t think it is. i found it somewhere on sound cloud (i’m sure you could find it if you searched “west coast friendship remix”) but it unfortunatly didn’t say who it was remixed by. it’s a great remix though, isn’t it?

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Owl City | West Coast Friendship (Remix) 

Anonymous: If you don't mind me asking or being inhumane, could you re-post the West Coast Friendship (Owl City Remix) Track? If not, that's okay too. Have a nice day :)

sure thing! i will put it up soon. c:

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Kamikaze album art.

Anonymous: You are fantastic!!!!

so are you fabulous anon !! B)

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Anonymous: Hey! I saw your social anxiety post and I just wanted to say I know the feeling.. :/ I loved everything you said and it looked like everything was very thought out and it was an amazing reply! Very amazing and honestly brave.. (: Love your blog too.. <3

thank you very much, that means a lot! it took a lot of bravery, but i managed to do it, and i’m proud of myself. c: and thank you, i’m glad you like it!

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Anonymous: hey I love you okay? social anxiety sucks and you can't just "get over it." it's an awful, awful thing. I hope someday you'll find happiness without it. stay strong

i’m crying, thank you so much. it means a lot. i love you too. :) <3

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Anonymous: Social anxiety?? Get over it and grow up. So what your shy, we can all be shy.

prepare for a rant, you basically asked for it. this won’t be short either. woops.

this has to be one of the most ignorant messages EVER. do you even know what social anxiety is? mmm… apparently not, considering you said that it is about being shy. though i’m shy, this is not the definition of social anxiety.

social anxiety. aka: fear of people.

yes, a fear of people, that’s what i wrote. and though i tend to speak my mind online, in real life i’m the complete opposite. afraid of the judgement of doing the simplest things.

you can not say goodmorning to someone without being embarrassed, you can not ask someone a question because you will feel like an idiot, and nearly everything else that involves being around people will make you feel like you are the main target. you are the one who is getting all the judmental stares wherever it may be. school, the mall, a resturaunt. you will never feel okay. it takes your biggest flaws and makes you think they’re all being pointed out by others. i remember a time last year where i was supposed to ask a teacher for a paper by going into his room in the morning when i didn’t have class. i spent the day before and the day of actually crying over it and having panick attacks because of this one simple thing. it got to the time where i had to ask and i had to bring a friend, and i was standing at the door for a few minutes trying to keep from having another panick attack. the whole thing was terrible and i felt like he thought i was stupid. every second i was in i wanted to cry.

it ruins relationships. when i happened to have a best friend who i later realised i had feelings for, social axiety stepped in and ruined things between her and i. i was perfectly happy untill the anxiety told me that she absolutly didn’t care about me. no one did. it ripped me to shreds because everything was falling apart day by day, untill one day she told me that if i kept saying she didn’t care, then maybe she really didn’t. she leaft, and because of that, i can’t trust people. it hurts because she really did care, but with my social axiety, i was blind. i’m too scared to love again.

even during that relationship, i always felt that if i talked to her first than i was bothering her, and it’s still like that. a friend of mine talks to another friend and i automatically assume she only likes her other friend. it’s really a struggle everyday to determine whether it’s reality or just the anxiety.

i’ve leaft a lot out because i can never really find the right words to say, but by no means is this easy for me or for anyone who deals with this. i’ve wanted to die because of it. i couldn’t stand it at all. the simplest things are the things you have panick attacks over, the things you will hate yourself over. in your head, the strangers are always there the judge you on your biggest inseucurities. but in real life they won’t. as much as you don’t want to believe your anxiety, you do, and there’s no way out.

it may not be so severe to others, but it caused my depression and lonliness, as well as the fears of being alone forever. it’s a far from easy thing to deal with, so please don’t say this.

Anonymous: ur a sponge actually


“Owl City is always keeping me busy. It’s hard to do much else.”